When you’re going through opioid withdrawal, any sort of relief is welcome. For decades, we have been experimenting with different ways to help sufferers of withdrawal to reach their goal— full detox and a new outlook on life. The process is grueling, and going through it is no fun— but there are a few ways to help your body cope with the side effects of withdrawal and feel a little better too. One method you might not have considered? Getting in your vitamins. While this is a therapy not a treatment, it can provide some welcome relief to the side effects as you march bravely through this battle. Remember, you’re doing this for a great reason. Don’t lose hope.

Vitamins for Opioid Withdrawal Relief

Your first question is probably reminiscent of: how are vitamins supposed to go head for head with withdrawal symptoms? And the truth is, they aren’t going to solve your problems. Ultimately, a withdrawal is something you’re going to have to feel and work through to reach that end. But, vitamins can help you regain energy, subdue your symptoms, and relax that anxiety that comes along with withdrawal. Multivitamins are an option, but they are also an easy out to take. They have a little bit of everything, but not a whole lot of anything in particular. What really helps is to focus in on what is affecting you.

Withdrawal symptoms getting to be too much to bear? Try Vitamin C!

When you’re going through withdrawal, your endorphins are extremely low and vitamin C can help to boost those up. While it might seem hokey, research is arising that shows promise for vitamin C as a booster for those endorphins. This supplement has also been shown to lessen the side effects of withdrawal on your body and mind.

Drained of your energy? Try Vitamin B!

Vitamin B helps to generate energy which is helpful when it comes to those achey, sluggish feelings you’re having. Vitamin B is also a great supplement to take if you’re suffering from anxiety or depression. Think about it, your body needs vitamins and nutrients to keep it regular and to balance out some of the different things we put it through— like detox, for example. Vitamin B specifically has a ton of different functions within your body, and in a sense— they help restore the balance within your body that it was missing during your addiction.

Suffering from severe anxiety? Try Magnesium and Calcium!

Anxiety in some degree is to be expected when you’re going through withdrawal, and magnesium and calcium are great for combatting that. They both work to relax the central nervous system, as well as to help with cramping and twitching of muscles. You can find these two in a number of veggies, dairy products, and grains— or you can take a supplement—that’s up to you!

Everyone will use different methods to help them make it to the end of this process. But if you’re struggling— maybe give this a shot. You can find any of them in your every day fruits and veggies. So if you’re not big on taking supplements, try using them as your excuse to eat healthier as well. Your vitamin intake shouldn’t plummet once you’ve detoxed anyway. You should continue a proper balance of all of these, and other vitamins. They help to regulate your body, no matter how it might be feeling.

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